Anica Marie Mihăescu is one personification of the nation-state of Romania, coinciding with Dragomir Ionescu; another personification of Romania, and her boyfriend. Anica is the eldest child of the late Tarbus (Dacia) and Rescuturme (Getae), and only sister to Serghei Stefanov (Republic of Moldova).

Appearance Edit

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Anica; a proudly preaching 'mother hen'. Artwork © Mika

In representing Romania, a lot of Anica’s features are inspired by the legendary folklore princess Ileana Cosânzeana - the original concept of feminine beauty and muse for poetic genius, with eyes like the sun and garments made of flowers. 

Well over 2000 years old, Anica physically appears to be a woman in her late twenties. Despite her petite size, just managing to stand at 5'6'', she sports long, beautiful, slender legs; a stereotype for Romanian women. Her knees do look a little knobbly from getting a few too many knocks and bruises otherwise, and also thanks to the lingering poverty rate in the country. Her complexion is weathered also; her fingers, shoulders are quite bony. Anica’s hands are referred to as ‘claws’ by Serghei; her nails usually kept short almond shapes. Usually. Her fingertips are calloused, but well looked after regardless.

Her figure is flexible, given Romania’s reputation in contortion and gymnastics. She has fantastic poise, upright and proud, keeping herself from looking any smaller with a sleek walk. Despite her slender shape, Anica has strong hips. She has gentle, but strong shoulders parallel to her hips, and a long slender neck. Symbolism-wise, what curves Anica has in her hourglass shape represents the Carpathians.

Notable features include her high cheekbones, tiny Transylvanian ears, and Roman nose. Anica's warm smile nowadays can look quite weary, also, and her long fingers and neatly filed nails have been called ‘claws’ by her brother. Her hands and shoulders are quite bony due to Romania's lingering poverty rate.

Other features boast and represent the geography of her country—her thick, dark shoulder-length hair representing the thick wilderness of the Carpathian forests. The cowlick on the right side of her head represents Dobruja; created via nervous hair twirling following the struggle to acquire the region. Her share of scars on her shoulders, back and ankles represent Romania’s bloody and war-torn past.

In reference to Romania’s demon-filled folklore and its infamous vampire stereotype, Anica has accented canines and gold eyes; rather than yellow, as they have dulled in age with doubling as symbolising Romania’s natural gold supplies which have been pillaged by invading peoples over the centuries.

Her 'faceclaim' is Romanian supermodel and actress, Catrinel Marlon.

Character and personality Edit

Labels associated to Anica vary; including "Eastern Europe's Nun", "Balkan Queen", and simply "Witch". Personifying a Romance nation, Anica is a passionate woman with great enthusiasm in what she talks (at some length) about. She's dynamic and vivid in her hand gestures and fluctuating tone of voice, but following the socialist era's regime especially, Anica has learnt to be very conservative. To discuss private, or even intimate matters with anyone other than her most trusted friends is out of the question - said trust is hard to acquire, but comes with her selfless loyalty in turn.

Tumblr n6kp44TVch1td8y2po1 500

Anica is a charming host and hopeless poetic romantic still, even to this day. Soft-spoken, but passionate in all she holds dear. Artwork © Mika

Loves of hers include; her brother, her boyfriend, her nation's children, artistic gymnastics, floriography, knitting and embroidery, cooking, opera, music and dance, alcohol and post-impressionism. She loves black comedy and romance, and writes daily logs and poetry frequently. Anica also works at a city-centre florist on weekends, teaches violin to school students, and volunteers at an orphanage during school holidays.

Anica is an immensely prideful woman, in her nation's tradition and puts a heavily stylised "triumphant" approach across in regard to her history. Her pride in her historical loyalty to the Eastern Orthodox Church is also well-renowned and vocal; to the point where she will justify some otherwise questionable choices to acting on behalf of her faith. Despite this, Anica is highly superstitious and acts out of habit to appease and ward off dangerous spirits.

To threaten her pride or her conveyed elegant manner usually results in abrupt, loud and vulgar responses.

As with many Eastern European personifications, Anica's hospitality is famed; serving otherwise complete strangers full four-course meals (with plenty of chances for seconds) of traditional, hearty food. She is sweet and diplomatic to all but a very select few, having practised mannerisms in traditional courts and halls when familiarising herself with old-time styles of politics. Modern politics confuses her like little else, and she harbours a deep-seeded loathing for her nation's reputation in governmental corruption. She has a similar loathing for her nation's stereotypes, traditional enemies, and extreme sorts of weather. Anica has a seasonal chesty cough also, thanks to her capital's pollution levels over the last few decades, and her own smoking habits.

Anica lives with Dragomir in the north-west outskirts of Bucharest in a modest one-floor house with her two pets; a Carpathian Shepherd, Crina, and a Turkish Angora, Iulia.

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