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This wikia is intended to provide profiles for a collection of Hetalia OCs (most personifying Eastern European countries, regions, and cities) used in an independent off-site forum for role-playing purposes, as a means of an easy, constant source of information accessible to everyone. A link to the aforementioned forum will be provided once it is complete.

None of these characters are directly associated nor affiliated to any other designs of the same nation-states/cities, including canon. This lot are both so good and yet so terrible - the purest of the pure to just outright awful. Awful.

So! Expect a strangely beautiful and bizarre blend of nostalgic aesthetics; patriotism and prides in abundance, flags and flora thrown in for good measure. These characters are designed with the intention to represent entire nations, and all of them are developed with great deals of passion and research done into cultures and histories. Sources of inspiration/for reasons behind characters' features are available upon request.

All of them, in accordance to the general theme of Hetalia, will pay homage to selective stereotypes for comedic value, also. None of this is done with the intention to be offensive.

At the same time, please do not steal, copy, or duplicate any character material from the pages listed or otherwise linked. Please be aware that this page is monitored, and page vandalism will not be tolerated. (i'm looking at you, zhenya.)

Credit of all characters featured and mentioned goes to their respective owners, as does all artwork used.

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